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  • What Are Keystones (And How To Use Them In Your Crystal Grid)?

    to the other crystals in your grid. It’s one of the most powerful crystals in your grid as it amplifies and channels the grid’s energy (and How To Choose The Best Keystone For Your Grid? A grid to attract love may have rose quartz at its centre, while a grid that supports spiritual growth Want to go deeper into creating crystal grids?

  • Your essential guide to quartz crystal shapes

    This shape is useful in grids and body layouts where quartz points can be used to form a pathway of energy Generator quartz is an excellent choice for a grid keystone. Use a channeling quartz to aid with meditation and spiritual growth, or as a keystone in a crystal grid Try using your transmitter quartz crystal in an abundance grid or for long-distance healing. It is another excellent choice for a gridding keystone as it allows you to both send and receive energy

  • What are the 10 best crystals for healing?

    It can also be used as a stone of prosperity in abundance grids or to carry around in your wallet. 8. It can be used in protective grids and worn to protect against electromagnetic smog and negative energy

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