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Online Crystal Shop

Hi Crystal Lover. you're here because you love consciously-selected healing crystals that are as beautifully unique as you are! We totally agree, which is why our online crystal shop only offers you naturally imperfect yet stunning pieces that are full of sass and loaded with healing energy. With worldwide shipping, budget-friendly payment options and one of the best online collections of crystal healing tools around - we feel sure you'll find your perfect treasure here! (Please note pricing is in AUD and your local currency for your convenience)

The Online Crystal Shop for Spiritual Rebels...

Hi Crystal Lover...

Healing crystals are big news these days. Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Adelle and Miranda Kerr have all gone on the record saying they use healing crystals in their life... But, how do you sift through the hype and know what you are really buying and how to use it?

At Evolve Crystals, we come from a 14 year career background in professional crystal healing. Our crystal healing training institute, Evolve Healing Institute, is one of the most successful and respected crystal healing organizations in the world. Our founder, Kate Mantello, has a glowing reputation as a world-leader in the crystal healing industry, because she does things differently.  This means we are much more than an online crystal shop where you can buy crystals online!

We understand that healing outcomes are much better when paired with an in-depth knowledge of crystals, a skillful crystal healing technique and your unique energetic alchemy. So, if you are looking for an online crystal shop that offers a little sass and a lot of experience, then look no further - you found us babe!


What you need to know when you buy crystals online

With crystal healing now so popular, there are more online crystal shops than ever before.  Before you buy crystals online, there are some things you should know and look for:


Always check the reputation of the site that you are buying from. Read reviews, Google their owners/businesses and check for other organizations or respected people who endorse them.


There are a lot of crystal fakes out there... Red flags include too-good-to -be-true prices and unusual crystal names.


Many online crystal shops (especially the cheaper ones) indirectly support unethical mining practices and do not go the extra mile to reduce their global impact. Crystals are mined as cheaply as possible, come packaged in plastic (they hate that), and bought in bulk, with little regard for their individual healing properties.​

So, before you buy crystals online, take a moment to consider the energy you want to attract to your life and which online crystal shop you resonate with most!

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