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Crystal Healing Wands

Because we are specialists when it comes to crystal healing, we are very particular about our crystal wands! We do not sell mass-produced and adorned wands. We prefer to focus on unique and powerful healing wands for serious crystal healing practitioners. Our Vogel wands, Lemurian wands, Selenite wands and double-terminated Quartz wands are in high demand and limited supply, so they sell fast! 

Kate Talks Lemurian Wands

How to use Crystal Healing Wands

Crystal healing wands are one of the most important (if not the most important) tools in a crystal healer's kit. Crystal healing wands can be used to direct energy through the body, clear the chakras, unblock the chakras and remove energetic pain and trauma from the body.

In this video, Kate is clearing her client's 3rd Eye Chakra and drawing the energy down the client's body, to be released. She is working with a double-terminated quartz wand and a natural Lemurian clear quartz laser wand.


For a simple way to channel energy out of the body (to remove headache pain, for example):

hold one end of a crystal chakra wand or crystal healing wand against your skin, with the other end pointing away from your body. (If your crystal healing wand has only one point, then make sure the pointy end is facing away from the body.) While holding the crystal wand in place, visualize the unwanted energy being drawn up and out of your body by the wand, to be released out of its tip. You'll be amazed how effective this technique is!


If you'd love to learn more about crystal healing technique, or you want to learn how to become a crystal healing practitioner, then please visit our crystal healing training institute HERE

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