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Product Information

The Crystals

Our crystals are individually selected for their stunning aesthetic and energetic properties. We don't cut corners by buying bulk crystals or cheaper substitutes.

Often, crystal-infused body products contain cheap raw crystals, to save costs. But we use premium stones that perform better energetically, for your highest vibe use.

For example, many of our crystal-infused candles and crystal infused bath soaks include stunning Smoky Quartz, Amethyst and Citrine polished stones or points because of their superb healing qualities. 

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About Our Leather
chakra grid board crystal set

The Packaging

All our products come gift-wrapped in a stunning custom-printed bag or box which is recyclable, compostable or biodegradable.


We do not use plastic in our products except where absolutely necessary. Specifically, only in the pump-lids in our spray bottles (BPA free), around our H2O glass bottles and a bio-plastic liner in our bath soak cylinders. 

Custom Boxes: cardboard

Drawstring Bags: 100% cotton

Bath Soak Cylinders: cardboard with biodegradable plastic liner

Elixir Bottle Cylinders: cardboard with plastic bubble wrap

Packing Fill: shredded paper, plant-based bio-fill, paper wrap

Live consciously.

Vegan & Handmade

All our products and packaging are proudly cruelty-free and vegan (except for our Orthoceras fossils, which are technically still animal product, even though they are 400 million years old!). 

From individually crafting each smudge stick to hand-blending bath salts and designing candles - we are passionately involved in every step of the design and creation process of our products.

With the exception of our crystal elixir water bottles, all of our crystal-infused products are mindfully handmade in Australia, by us or by local artisans.

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Worldwide shipping


Ethical & Cruelty free


Hand-selected Crystals

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High-vibe Healing Energy

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Packaged with Love

Product Specs

large cleansing citrine crystal candle

SIZE: 10cm x 8.5cm (290ml)

WEIGHT: 750g

BURN TIME: 60 hours

INGREDIENTS: soy wax, fragrance, crystals

PACKAGING: glass vessel, card box

cleansing crystal and botanical bath soak

SIZE: Small - 11.5cm x 7.5cm, 250ml (300g incl. salts, crystal & cylinder)

Large- 17,5cm x 8.5cm, 500ml 

(450g incl. salts, crystal & cylinder)

INGREDIENTS: magnesium flakes, Himalayan rock salt, botanicals, essential oils, crystal

PACKAGING: card cylinder, biodegradable plastic liner

amethyst crystal candle

SIZE: 5cm x 7.2cm (150ml)

WEIGHT: 300g

BURN TIME: 25 hours

INGREDIENTS: soy wax, fragrance, crystals

PACKAGING: Tin vessel, cotton bag

smudge spray set all 4.png

SIZE: 20cm x 7cm

WEIGHT: Approx 150g

INGREDIENTS: mixed flowers, herbs and native plants including white sage, lavender, eucalyptus, rose, wattle, tea tree

PACKAGING: paper, card box

Elixir Bottle 1.png

SIZE: 25cm x 7cm or 30cm x 7cm

WEIGHT: Approx 450g 

VOLUME: 500-550ml

MATERIALS: Glass, bamboo, rubber, crystals, cotton cord

PACKAGING: cardboard cylinder, plastic bubble wrap

amethyst crystal infused room and body spray

SIZE: 17cm x 4cm, 120ml

WEIGHT: 350g

INGREDIENTS: distilled H20, polysorbate, 100% pure essential oils, crystals

PACKAGING: glass vessel, bamboo & plastic pump lid, cotton bag

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