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Sage Smudge Sticks & Cleansing Mists

Energetically cleanse your home, workspace or aura with our custom smudge sticks and crystal infused cleansing mists. Hand-crafted by Australian artisans from 100% pure essential oils, botanicals and crystals, you'll love the stunning bouquet of dried herbs and flowers in our smudge sticks and the refreshing feeling of our crystal-infused spritz on your skin. Lavender, sage, wattle, eucalyptus and lemongrass are just some of our natural ingredients.

Hand-crafted Australian sage Smudge Stick...

'Smudging' is a spiritual and ceremonial ritual practiced by native peoples of all cultures around the world, including native Americans and indigenous Australians. In Australia, indigenous peoples refer to this practice as a 'smoke ceremony'.

It is believed that the smoke from sacred and medicinal herbs such as eucalyptus, sage, lavender, tea-tree sweetgrass, palo santo and rosemary can energetically cleanse a person or space and repel negative energy and spirits.

Simply light your sage smudge stick (or other dried herbs) and gently wave the smoke around the area or the person you want to cleanse. Remember, this is a sacred practice, and should be performed respectfully and with acknowledgement to the indigenous cultures and elders who brought this practice to earth.

Sage smudge sticks are one of the most popular types of herb bundles for performing this practice. We love to add a beautiful Australian touch to our cleansing herbs by adding at least 50%  native Australian medicinal plant (and a healing crystal!) to each custom smudge stick.


However, if you prefer not to blend your botanicals, then we offer a smudge stick twin set which includes a custom native Australian smudge stick bouquet (of your choosing) with a large, 100% sage smudge stick. Crystals included, of course!

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