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Crystal Healing Sets

We know how important authentic, high-vibe crystals are to your healing work. That's why we love hand-selecting every crystal and healing tool that goes into our crystal healing sets. With kits to suit every day healing situations, such as protection and PMS, to professional crystal healer sets and beginner crystal sets - we have the perfect crystal healing kit for you to affordably and consciously grow your collection quickly!

Why we love crystal Healing Sets...

Whether you are a crystal healing beginner or a professional crystal healing practitioner, a beautifully curated crystal healing set is the best way to grow your collection at the best value.

It can be difficult sourcing individual healing stones to make up a specific crystal body layout, and this option can be expensive if you are paying separate shipping costs for each crystal you source!

We think you'll love the stunning crystal healing kits we have put together for crystal lovers (just like you!), who value the quality, beauty and affordability of their pieces.

Whether you are looking for a crystal set for anxiety, or a crystal kit for beginners, we have gorgeous crystal healing sets to suit all stages of your crystal healing journey.

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Our fave featured Crystal Healing Set

The crystal healing set we are crushing on is the VIP Crystal Collector Set. We love this crystal healing kit because it includes a stunning selection of 25 most effective healing stones used in crystal healing.

Plus, it includes many of the crystals that Kate Mantello uses in her crystal healing body layouts, as featured in her internationally popular crystal healing book: ROCK ON - The Crystal Healing Handbook for Spiritual Rebels. You'll love using these crystals to perform the crystal layouts on your loved ones at home, or on clients in the healing room! 


We also feel we need to give a shout out to our crystal set for anxiety. Times have become very difficult for many, and mental health is extremely important. We all understand the impact of stress and anxiety on over all wellness. With calming and grounding stones such as amazonite, sodalite, amethyst and tourmaline, our crystal set for anxiety is a wonderfully peaceful and natural way to find your equilibrium again.

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