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Our Story

Love. Crystals.

Welcome to Evolve Crystals!  We are a consciously curated online shop, filled with high-vibe crystal healing tools and crystal-infused products for spiritual rebels.  We understand that each crystal is as unique as you are, which is why we lovingly choose each crystal for its spunk, sass and rockin' individuality.

You won't find any buy-in-bulk crystals or mass produced items here. Our products are for those who live life by their own rules and understand that in a society obsessed with 'fitting in', being 100% uniquely YOU is the ultimate act of rebellion!

Evolve Crystals

are based in the Sunshine Coast, Australia

We ship Worldwide!

holding amethyst healing crystal

The Team

'Evolve Crystals' is the partnership of author, spiritual entrepreneur and crystal healing expert Kate Mantello and her musical, permaculture and carpentry-loving hubby, Rob.

With Kate focused on product development & marketing, Rob oversees the day-to-day operations of the shop. This includes processing orders, providing A+ service to all our amazing customers and preening his glorious beard.

Kate and Rob met while travelling through the Middle East in 2006 and it was instant alchemy. Rob moved from Canada later that year to join Kate in Australia. They now live on the Sunshine Coast with their 2 wildling kids.

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The Story

In 2008 a newly qualified crystal healing practitioner and her Canadian boyfriend took to the Australian East Coast in a campervan named 'Dave'.  Kate and Rob collected lots of crystals and natural treasures along the way, which Kate crafted into healing tools and sold at local markets. After 8 months on the road, They sold the van and skipped across to Asia, before returning to Australia and birthing their son.

With a newborn to care for, Kate continued creating crystal treasures and delivered crystal healing workshops at mind-body-spirit events. Rob worked Mon-Fri bringing home the bacon.

In 2011 the little family relocated to Canada, where they stayed for a couple of years and had their daughter, before moving back to Australia.

With Rob working 60 hour weeks as a process technician in a refinery, Kate focused on raising the kids and growing her home healing practice in addition to writing her own crystal healing practitioner courses. In 2016, the courses were ready and Evolve Healing Institute was created. 


At first, the courses were delivered via PDF and email, but business soon boomed and within 4 years Evolve had grown into one of the world's most successful online crystal healing practitioner training academies with a state-of-the-art online course delivery system, a team of amazing coaches, over 20,000 courses downloaded and students in 6 continents.

Kate also opened an online crystal healing store to supply her students with quality, professional grade crystals and crystal healing kits. The store was not advertised to the public and operated quietly for 3 years within Evolve, until Covid changed the world. 

In 2020, border closures and quarantine requirements meant that Rob, who was a FIFO worker,  was away for up to 4 months at a time. It was challenging, but provided Kate and Rob the push they needed to separate the crystal shop from the crystal healing training institute and get Rob working from home.

So, in early 2021, the planning and product design began!

It took months of hard work, some tears and lots of laughter, but they finally brought

Evolve Crystals (formerly Crystal & Co)into the world, a dedicated crystal healing shop for spiritual rebels who live life on their own terms. Enjoy!

Evolve Crystals

Doing it differently...

  • Every crystal is hand-selected, not purchased in bulk

  • We love:  genuine, high-vibe healing crystals 

       We don't love:  cheap, sparkly rocks or fakes

  • All products are designed by a crystal healing expert

  • Run by a hubby & wife team

  • Over 14 yrs experience in the crystal healing industry

  • All packaging is recyclable, compostable or reusable

  • Focus on high-end, unique and special healing crystals. We believe 'less is more' when it comes to quality and let each piece speak for itself!

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