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Crystal Healing Stones

We know how important authentic, high-vibe crystals are to your healing work. That's why we love hand-selecting every single healing crystal we stock. From crystals for anxiety and stress, to extra large crystal wands and professional crystal healing box sets - we have the perfect healing stones for your crystal work.

Healing crystals & their Meanings...

Before selecting your special pieces from our crystal healing stones for sale, you may be wondering which stones will be best for your intentions and lightwork. 

Each crystal has its own unique 'personality' as well as a more general meaning. If you are new to crystals, then you may think the best way to choose a crystal is to find one that is recommended by a book or friend. For example, you may think that Rose Quartz is best for healing emotional trauma, or Black Tourmaline is the best choice for protection.

While it is true that these stones are excellent for those purposes, every person is unique and there are many factors that should be considered.  Sometimes the most obvious choice is not the best choice for YOU.

We recommend closing your eyes, taking a moment to let go of any expectation or attachment to a crystal meaning. Now, open your eyes and let them scan over our photos of crystal healing stones for sale (pictured above), without expectation or conscious thought. Which crystals stand out the most? Where are your eyes and attention being intuitively drawn? Often this is the crystal/crystals you need!

holding crystal.png

Hand-selected crystals for Sale...

When shopping at Evolve Crystals, you can be assured that every single one of the healing stones for sale has been consciously hand-selected by Kate and Rob.

We are very particular about selecting the most energetically potent, high-vibe stones for your healing, so we do not buy our crystals in bulk.

From our crystal healing box sets to our crystal-infused candles...

You can feel confident knowing your crystal piece has passed the Evolve Crystals energy test!

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