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Crystal Infused Water Bottles

Imagine being able to safely and quickly infuse your drinking water with the healing energy of crystals, or create your own custom crystal elixirs each day!  Our Crystal H2O Bottles (also known as crystal elixir bottle, crystal elixir water bottle and crystal infused water bottle) make this super easy. You'll love our clever 'no crystal contact' design, which keeps your drinking water contaminant free, but still super-charged with crystal energy!

Our fave crystal infused water bottle Recipes...

Our specially designed crystal elixir water bottles have a separate chamber for the crystals, which is easily accessed by unscrewing the bamboo bottom. This means you can swap out the crystals and easily  create your own custom crystal infused water bottle blends!

We recommend trying these crystal combos:

  • CLEANSE - Bloodstone, carnelian, amethyst & clear quartz

  • ENERGISE - Carnelian, citrine & red jasper​

  • GROUND  - Hematite, smoky quartz & clear quartz​

  • MEDITATE - Amethyst, clear quartz, sodalite, smoky quartz​

For an even more powerful brew, leave your crystal elixir water bottle out under a full moon the day before you drink from it. The moon will super-charge the crystals, meaning your crystal-infused water is packed with healing energy!

Shop our 'crystal elixir water bottle Australia' and pair with one of our crystal intention sets, such as the anxiety crystal set, the cleanse crystal set or the abundance crystal set. We ship worldwide!

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