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Take your crystal body layouts and crystal grids to the next level, with these rare, top-quality 'A' grade natural Clear Quartz Lemurian Laser points. Clear Quartz points are amazing conductors of energy and vibrational frequencies. Add them to any type of crystal work to enhance the flow of energy for noticeably more powerful results.


Why you'll love your Lemurian points

Crystal Clear points of this size and clarity are rare and difficult to find. The clarity and incredibly high-vibes from these stunners will raise your healing work to the next level! The sleek shape and size of these Quartz points make them perfect for crystal gridding, most crystal healing body-work and for placing around the outside of the body in crystal layouts.


Quality 'hand-picked' guarantee

Every crystal in your crystal set has been lovingly hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest aesthetic and energetic healing standards for your use and enjoyment. You can expect each Quartz point to have excellent clarity, unique features and be finely tipped.


What's included

Each Lemurian Quartz Points crystal set includes 6 beautiful and naturally formed crystal points, of your size choice.


Choose your size

M: Each point in your set is 4-5cm long x 0.5cm wide (