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  • What are the 10 best crystals for healing?

    And to save you time, we’ve curated these gorgeous crystal healing sets that are perfect for beginners It resonates with your power centre––the solar plexus chakra. 4. Red Jasper Red Jasper works on the root chakra and has a stable, grounding energy. It resonates with the crown chakra. Browse the Crystal & Co online shop to find the best crystal healing set for you!

  • 5 Unique Christmas Gift Ideas for Crystal Lovers

    self-healing or to use on others and typically contain a selection of coloured stones that correspond with the chakras Know someone who would love a beautifully boxed set for Christmas?

  • How to make a Crystal Elixir

    elixirs can heal you on the physical level, but also on emotional and energetic levels, balancing your chakras

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  • Buy Crystals Online | Healing Stones for Sale | Evolve Crystals

    SHOP ALL PRODUCTS Crystal Healing Stones Crystal Healing Stones | Crystal Healing Sets | Crystal Wands | Chakra Crystal Sets | Crystal Grids SHOP Lifestyle Products Crystal Infused Candles | Native Smudge Infused Water Bottles SHOP Crystal Pamper Products Crystal Infused Bath Salts | Crystal Healing Gift Sets Energy Packaged with Love Bestsellers SHOP NOW Crystal Infused Candles SHOP NOW Crystal Grid Board Sets Rollers (Essential Oil) SHOP NOW Quartz Healing Wands SHOP NOW Crystal Healing Stones SHOP NOW Crystal Sets

  • Our Brands - Join Our Global Crystal Family | Evolve Crystals

    LEARN MORE ABOUT COURSES Evolve Crystals Quietly launched in 2018 to provide crystal sets for our Evolve

  • Privacy Policy - Keeping Your Data Safe | Evolve Crystals

    Information Safe All direct credit card payment gateways used by Evolve Crystals, adhere to the standards set

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