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What Are Keystones (And How To Use Them In Your Crystal Grid)?

If you’re new to using crystal grids, you may be wondering what a keystone is and how it’s different to the other crystals in your grid.

Your keystone acts as a focus point and will usually be placed in the centre of your grid with the other crystals radiating outwards in whichever design you’ve chosen. It’s one of the most powerful crystals in your grid as it amplifies and channels the grid’s energy (and your intention) out to the Universe.

Your keystone should have a clean, high vibration so it can amplify the energy of the other crystals in your grid. Clear quartz is a top choice as it carries a high, stable vibration and can be programmed for an almost infinite number of uses. Other crystals in the quartz family, such as amethyst and citrine, also make great keystones (and are perfect for other areas of your crystal grid too!).

How To Choose The Best Keystone For Your Grid?

Your keystone represents the central theme of your grid, so having a thorough understanding of the intention behind your grid will help you choose the right one. A grid to attract love may have rose quartz at its centre, while a grid that supports spiritual growth might use amethyst or selenite as the keystone.

The type of crystal isn’t the only factor to consider when choosing a keystone. The shape of your crystal will also make a difference to the way it works, as different shapes have different properties.

Clear quartz comes in a variety of shapes that affect the way energy flows through it. Choosing the right shape can have a powerful effect on your grid.

Some of the best quartz shapes to use as keystones are:

Quartz generator

A generator crystal is usually larger in size and has six equal sized faces that meet at a centrally aligned point. Energy is focused through the tip and radiates outwards equally through each face. These properties create a balanced but powerful way to amplify the energy of your crystal grid.

Quartz transmitter

Transmitter crystals have two, seven-sided faces with a triangle in between and send your intentions out to the Universe. This makes them perfect for manifesting work such as abundance grids or to attract love.

Quartz channeler

Channeler crystals have one, seven-sided face with a triangle opposite it. They allow you to channel energy and information from higher sources, so are wonderful for grids associated with spiritual growth and meditation.

Quartz Trans-Channeler

A trans-channeler quartz (aka a Dow crystal) is a combination of a transmitter quartz and a channeler quartz. It has three main seven-sided faces, each with a triangle face in between. It shares the properties of transmitters and channelers allowing you to both send and receive energy and intentions. This makes it a very powerful shape to use as a keystone.

As with all areas of designing a crystal grid, feel free to use your intuition when you’re choosing your keystone. You may like to play with other shapes such as pyramids or spheres or choose a stone outside of the quartz family.

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Kate Mantello is a Master Crystal & Energy Healing Practitioner, Founder & CEO of Evolve Healing Institute and the author of 'Rock On - The crystal healing handbook for spiritual rebels'. If you would like to learn more about crystal healing or how to become a crystal healing practitioner, then please check out Kate's world-class, internationally accredited online crystal healing courses. Alternatively, for a deeply personal healing experience, you may like to book a 1-1 online intuitive crystal healing session with Kate, which also includes your very own crystal prescription.

Mel Shieldhouse is a freelance copywriter and content creator, specialising in helping busy, heart-centred entrepreneurs attract their dream client. If you’d like to work with Mel, you can contact her at Teacup Copy.

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