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Clear Quartz is our favourite Crown and Higher Crown Chakra stone! It is an extremely high-vibrational stone and is perfect for all healing, cleansing and manifestation work. 


Our gorgeous, professional-quality 'Super' healing stones are of the highest quality and colour and are individually selected with crystal bodywork in mind. Each Clear Quartz Super Stone is a large, smooth, round 'disc', meaning it sits comfortably against the body and does not roll around.  These superb healing stones are extremely powerful when placed on the body for healing work and come in a variety of sizes to suit each body. Perfect for professional crystal healers and energy healing practitioners.


Why you'll love your Super Stone

The sheer size and weight of these powerful healing stones is a testament to their strength and healing potential. Polished from the highest quality crystal, these beauties hold high vibrational, pure healing power. We love that they are so full of healing energy that they can do the job on their own, without the need for placing lots of small crystals on yourself or your clients.


Quality 'hand-picked' guarantee

Your Super Stone has been lovingly hand-selected to ensure it meets the highest aesthetic and energetic healing standards for your use and enjoyment. You can expect your crystal to have excellent clarity, great shape and be full of high-vibe healing energy.


Choose your size

S: 4-5cm (length) x 3-4cm (width) x 1.5-2.5cm (depth) x <60g (weight)

M: 5-6cm (length) x 4-5cm (width) x 1.5-2.5cm (depth) x <100g (weight)

L: 6-7cm (length) x 4-5cm (width) x 1.5-3cm (depth) x <160g (weight)

XL: 7-9cm+ (length) x 5-7cm (width) x 2-3cm (depth) x >160g (weight)


Are you an Evolve student?

If you are studying one of our online crystal healing courses through our sister company, Evolve Healing Institute, then you receive a 10% discount on every purchase! Please refer to the student discount code in your course book to get your discount.

Clear Quartz Super Stone

PriceFrom $35.00