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How to make a Crystal Elixir

Crystal elixirs are just one way to experience the beautiful healing energy of crystals. You can make them easily at home without any special equipment, from either a single crystal or several.

If you love crystals and want to learn how to make these gentle, magical remedies – read on!

What is a crystal elixir?

Crystal elixirs (sometimes known as gem essences) are made from water infused with the energy vibration of one or more crystals. Every type of crystal has its own vibrational frequency which can be transferred to water and used for healing. If you’ve ever used flower essences or homeopathic then you’ve already experienced the gentle but powerful way that vibrational remedies work

How do crystal elixirs work?

When your body is in a state of physical or emotional dis-ease, your own vibrational signature is out of sync. Crystal elixirs bring the body back into balance by re-syncing the dis-eased frequency to match their own. This phenomenon is called sympathetic resonance and is well known in the world of music. When a tuning fork is placed next to another one that’s already vibrating, it will begin to vibrate at the same frequency. Crystal elixirs work in the same way, shifting dysfunctional energy vibrations back into healthy ones.

Crystal elixirs can heal you on the physical level, but also on emotional and energetic levels, balancing your chakras and meridians.

How to make a crystal elixir

The safest method of making a crystal elixir is using the indirect method so your crystals don’t come in contact with your water. Many crystals are toxic or get damaged in water, so for your own safety and that of your crystal friends, we always recommend using the indirect method as follows:

  1. Decide which crystals will best suit your healing purposes. You can make an elixir with a single crystal or with several, but try to stick to a maximum of 5-7 different types.

  2. Cleanse and charge your crystals and place them in a small glass bowl or jar.

  3. Fill a larger bowl with the purest water you have access to.

  4. Place the jar with the crystals inside the larger bowl. You want the crystals to be underneath the water level but safely within the jar where they won’t actually come in contact with the water.

  5. Cover your bowl with a muslin cloth (or similar) to prevenfrom t dust or bugs getting in.

  6. Place your bowl outside for 24 hours. You can work with the moon phases or with solar energy to get an even more powerful elixir. (To learn how to do this, enroll in our intensive crystal elixir course.)

  7. Your water is now infused with the energy of your crystals!

How to use a crystal elixir

If you want to keep your crystal elixir for a while, you can preserve it with an alcohol such as brandy or add vinegar to it. This can be taken as drops under the tongue or added to your drinking water.

If you don’t want to preserve it, place it in a clean glass bottle and keep it in the fridge for up to three days.

Your crystal elixir can be taken internally as drops under the tongue or used externally in a spritzer, massage oil, or in the bath. You can also combine it with other vibrational remedies such as homeopathic and flower essences if you feel called to.

If you want to take a deep dive into making your own crystal elixirs, check out our intensive crystal elixir course, complete with recipes, how to combine them with other types of healing energy, and a whole lot more!

Kate Mantello is a Master Crystal & Energy Healing Practitioner, Founder & CEO of Evolve Healing Institute an,d the author of 'Rock On - The crystal healing handbook for spiritual rebels'. If you would like to learn more about crystal healing or how to become a crystal healing practitioner, then please check out Kate's world-class, internationally accredited online crystal healing courses. Alternatively, for a deeply personal healing experience, you may like to book a 1-1 online intuitive crystal healing session with Kate, which also includes your very own crystal prescription.

Mel Shieldhouse is a freelance copywriter and content creator, specialising in helping busy, heart-centred entrepreneurs attract their dream client. If you’d like to work with Mel, you can contact her at Teacup Copy.

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